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A Declaration

Today, I don't know how, I got to thinking how many times a day people say, "I am a...".  As in, "I am a dumbass", "I am a genius", and "I am a watch collector", whathaveyou.  So I continued thinking about it on the subway and how people do those weird quiz things where they say to give one word that describes you best, or three words even, and how that is so incredibly impossible for anyone deeper than a petrie dish.  And THEN I started thinking what I could say about myself, the mundane things and the qwerky things.  And here are some.  Just because.

I am...

  • a horse enthusiast
  • a movie buff
  • a world traveler
  • a smartass
  • a grad student
  • a reader
  • a Bones fan
  • an artist, of sorts
  • a dancer in a daydream
  • a romantic
  • a cuddler
  • a freak

Thats all for now.  I will think on this some more.  Because I am also a thinker.  (...thank you, I'm here all week.)


What kind of Pirate are you?
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thanks jose...this is all your fault

You Are Sunset

Even though you still may be young, you already feel like you've accomplished a lot in life.
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its 11:22pm

i am about to go to bed. i have to wake up and get to my GRE subject test at an ungodly hour for a saturday. i am allowed to bring pencils and an eraser.

i have studied all that i can study in 2 days. i am tired. i think at this point i will get overloaded if i try to study more. i just have to trust in my freakish ability to absorb facts and whatnot like a sponge.

tomorrow is going to be a long day.

wish me luck.

ok, i'll bite

stolen from the patricia.

If your life were film, what would the soundtrack be?

So, here's how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc.).
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the name of the song that's playing.
5. When you get to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool (it will compromise the divination). ;-)

Opening Credits:
Pull Me Down--Evanescence
(Ominous...maybe my life is a horror film?)

Waking Up:
We Are The Champions--Queen
(damn straight)

First Day At School:
Because You Loved Me--Celine Dion

Falling In Love:
Cruel to be Kind--Letters to Cleo

Fight Song:
I Will Survive--Gloria Gayner
(no kidding...)

Breaking Up:
Childhood Senses--I don't know who sings it but its kind of an old song. pretty appropriate though

Mad World--REM
(Truer than you know...)

Where the Streets Have No Name--U2

Making babies:

Mental Breakdown:
Kiss Me Fool--Fefe Dobson

Paint It Black--The Rolling Stones

LDN--Lily Allen

Getting back together:
Hanging by A Moment--Lifehouse

Everything--Fefe Dobson

Birth of Child:
Take Me Away--Avril Lavigne

Final Battle:
Seven Nation Army--The White Stripes

Death Scene:
Truly, Madly, Deeply--Savage Garden
(i guess i have a tragic death...possibly saving someone i love. i am ok with that)

Funeral Song:
Battle of New Orleans--no idea...i have the cd somewhere...

End Credits:
Don't Cry for Me Argentine--Sarah Brightman
(wow. that is all.)

i think my movie would be AWESOME.


ok, so i am not one to ever use those fun anacronyms like "lol" or "rofl"...but OMFG pretty much sums up what just happened. i was walking home from Kristin's and coming down the ghetto street leading to the apartment, minding my own business. Some black lady is standing next to a cab and starts walking towards me. she says "hey" so i say "hey" back. she keeps walking towards me and when right next to me says "are you it?"

me: "what?"
her: "i'm looking for something, you know where its at?"

i look down at the hand she has in a fist by her side. she has a wad of cash squished in it.

me: "no, i don't know where it is, sorry."

she gestures to the two other people walking down the street behind me.

her: "are they it?"
me: "i don't know, sorry."

i get to walking again...and realize the drug dealer she was looking for is now walking in my direction. i had to walk right past him to keep going towards my apartment. and i know he saw me talking with that lady...she wasn't being too quiet. i just kept this blank look on my face and looked straight ahead.

....soooo awkward.

welcome home Elissa.
for the last couple of days we haven't had internet at our international student house becasue Christoph the Magnificent, or christoph the Moronic as i like to call him, changed our internet up again...and the router exploded. well...it died. anyway, it has been tought. the weekend without internet...its scary. you realize how dependent you are on it when it fails you.

anyway, last thursday we went out with the Archaeology crew again. had a blast, and there were lots of VERY interesting pictures taken, which you all can see when i get home. tequila shots were involved, thats all i am saying. well, just kidding, i am saying more. there was this guy there that was hitting on everybody--Alison, me...craig. he asked craig to run away with him to italy. and he kept pooring tequila down me and alison. oh well, good times.

anyway...slightly bored. craig and i came into town early, WAY early, because we were bored at home, and now we have finished everything we needed to do, made some little side errands that weren't necessary, and yet still have an hour before class even thinks about starting. i guess its time for IMDB-follow-the-link. wish me luck.

the final stretch

a week from today i head off to start my trip to Spain. a week after that i head to Amsterdam to start my trip back home. it has been quite an interesting semester.

last night we went to our friend Thessa's apartment for sloppy joe's. we walked half an hour in the rain to get there, but it was worth it. we didn't do anything special, just sat around her place and ate, then had fun talking for a few (6) hours. we got there at 6ish and didn't leave til after midnight. it was craig and i, tom, Alison the canadian, and of course, thessa. it was just fun, sitting there, enjoying each others company and telling stories. we covered everything from childhood injuries to porn to christmas traditions. good times.

today was spent copying and printing a massive amount of information to use to study for our protohistory test on tuesday. its going to be a tough one i think. its basically 2 tests from two different teachers, that will be combined. oh well. with all the studying we are planning on doing, we better ace this damn thing. i still have 2 essays to finish--one that will be easy, and one that i find even thinking about to be a drain on my soul.

but yes, like i said, in a week we head for spain. we are actually on the same flight out as two of our friends, Alison and another girl from NAU, shannon, who are going for a few days in Madrid. we are going to leave the night before our flight for the airport town and stay in a hotel with them and all that. when we get to madrid, craig and i have a few hours before our flight to Vigo takes off so we are going to grab lunch with them as well.

we get back from spain the 19th. then we have the 20th here in Groningen to spend with our dutch friends, saying goodbye to them. we head to amsterdam the 21st and spend the night there before catching our morning flight back to the States. i think i am about ready to be home. to have a kitchen and bathroom that aren't shared between 22 people. and i miss my people. i am excited about getting back to NAU and seeing my friends after spending some time with family. also, this sounds odd, but i am looking forward to structured classes again! the classes here are kind of random. and i think i like having work throughout the semester, not just at the end. oh well, point is i am coming home.

...but i will miss it here too.

i'm it...i guess

ok, i'll play this game. tagged by bethany.

10 weird things about me:

1. i sometimes tend to pick up other people's disfunctions.
2. when i don't want to talk to someone, or just don't like them, i won't look them in the eye. its supposed to be a hint, but i don't know how well it works.
3. i have almost no patience, except when someone else is losing their's, and then i can sit back and be as patient as possible.
4. i saw my first porn at the age of 4, because i had a 13 year old male babysitter.
5. i make fun of people i like. if i don't love you and think you are awesome, i don't waste my mental energy on you.
6. i know random trivia like no ones business.
7. i think i have an oral fixation. i am always doing something with my mouth. don't ask...
8. (since bethany mentioned snakes...) i think snakes are some of the coolest animals in the world and i don't understand why people are so afraid of them.
9. living in the netherlands for four months has changed me for life.
10. i am looking forward to going home to bullhead for a while. this is possibly the weirdest thing of all, because i hate that town. but its about time that i see my mom and brother again, and my dogs.

i tag everyone.


i believe this linguistics paper just might kill me.


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